Close to the Machine

Jerry Kurlandski


In these pages I describe what I have been learning as I migrate my website from straight HTML and CSS to Urubu.

One way to interpret this section of Close to the Machine is as a complement to the Urubu Quickstart Guide. There is a logical order to some of the pages, so the best way to read them is consecutively. But reading them individually—according to your particular interests and needs—wouldn't be such a bad thing, either.

These notes are based on Urubu version 1.3.0.

Table of Contents

Why Urubu?

What my website was like before I chose Urubu as a static website generator—and why I chose Urubu.

Approach to the Migration

My approach to the migration—what I knew before starting, and how I managed the issues that came up.

Missing Urubu Documentation

Information missing from the Urubu documentation.

First Things First

Getting started with Urubu development.

Build Your Own Sidebar

Amaze your friends and family by building your own sidebar.

Project-Wide Reference IDs

More than you ever wanted to know about project-wide reference IDs.

Content on an Index Page

Should you have content on an index page? ... Should Urubu say you can't?

Markdown Tips

A few things about markdown learned while working with Urubu

Other Urubu Topics

Other diverse topics in the world of Urubu