I started this website as a beginner, knowing little about HTML and nothing about cascading style sheets. In this section of Close to the Machine I'm going to post some of the things I've learned about these topics. You could say I'm posting them here as a way of storing them in my long-term memory—as a quick reference for when I know I've done something before but can't remember exactly how.

But perhaps these pages will be of some use to others as well. My assumption is that you know what a cascading style sheet is, and how to make use of it from your HTML. What I expect you're looking for are some ways to leverage CSS to make your webpages a little bit nicer to look at.

In these pages I hope eventually to cover topics such as the following:

  • Floating tables and images
  • Using <pre> and <code> to display HTML and other code on a web page
  • HTML "entities" and reserved characters
  • The Aptana plug-in for Eclipse

See the links in the sidebar to delve into these topics.